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Mettaton is my new love.
That is all.
Faces by KuroSaburo
Would you look at that? An upload.
I was against using my phone as an alternative to submit submissions, but I was so proud of this particular work that I fiddled around enough to figure it out. I hope it doesn't look too bad; then again, all my scans are particularly bad...
Anyway, in order, this is Sebastian, Ulises, Charles, Mambo, Alta, and Acorn, all original characters from a story I had been working on for a while. The significance of this picture lies in the fact that I've been made staggeringly aware of something known as "Same Face" in which, whether you notice it or not, all the characters you draw happen to look exactly the same, save for hair, eye color, and complexion. Once I learned of this, I became rather conscious about how I tended to draw my own characters. Whether or not I suffered from Same Face considerably in the past, knowing what it is and how better to overcome it, I tried my hand with these OCs, and this is the result, and I'm somewhat satisfied with it.
(Note: Their appearances may still be subject to change as I progress and improve as an artist.)
I continue to draw, but I currently have no means to post those pictures on the internet.
I'm able to scan pictures in again, but I can't seem to darken the lines to make them appear bolder (like I've been doing before) anymore. I feel there is a time in every man's life where he feels... Like he's a complete moron and he's not utilizing the proper methods available to him through sheer stupidity—or just plain ignorance. Yeah, ignorance, I'll go with that.



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I'm nothing worth mentioning, really...

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